Marine Combat Veteran, Author & Speaker

Jared McGowen, Author & Speaker

Inspirational Veteran Speaker

Speaking topics

Military to Civilian Transition

Transitioning from military life back to civilian life is a difficult task for many. Some service members never fully adjust. Jared shares his personal story and provides a proven action plan for a successful life post-military. 

Success Post Military with PTSD & a Traumatic Brain Injury

A successful life post-military is hard enough, add PTSD and a Traumatic Brain Injury and adjusting back to civilian life becomes at times, impossible for some. Jared tells his story of how he excels with his PTSD and his TBI and doesn't fall victim to the detrimental effects.  

Aligning Military Skills to Civilian Careers

How does a service member match up their military skills on a resume to the skills and talents that are appealing to an employer? How does an employer know how to best utilize the skills of a military professional? Jared tells his story of being a rifleman in the Marines Corps to working in the healthcare industry for a Fortune 15 company. 

Inspiration & Motivation

Jared's story is unique and inspirational. His story paints a picture of the challenges he faced during his two combat deployments to Iraq, the struggles he faced reentering the civilian workforce and the principles he applied to achieve success post-military. 

Inspirational Veteran motivational speakers

Organizations are always developing and looking for up and coming leaders. Service members are often overlooked due to employers not truly understanding the skills and leadership experience of military professionals. Jared tells his story of being a 22 year old vehicle commander in combat and how his leadership experience in Iraq transfers to his civilian career today.

Engaging, Retaining & Growing Your Military Workforce

Most organizations today are "military friendly," however, most are not "military ready." Today is more than just hiring a service member and thanking them for their service. Once a military professional starts with an organization they need to be engaged, retained and developed. Jared tells personal stories and best practices for companies striving to be "military ready."