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Jared McGowen is a former US Marine who is  passionate about helping others succeed in life. He graduated boot camp  in 2003 and went on to complete the School of Infantry followed by Light  Armored Vehicle Crewman (LAV) School. Upon graduation of his infantry training,  Jared was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina with 2nd Light  Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Battalion. In September  2004, Jared deployed to Fallujah, Iraq and served as the driver for the  company ambulance LAV. During the deployment, he and the other marines  fought in Operation Phantom Fury, the battle of Fallujah. Jared  completed more than fifteen combat medical evacuations throughout his  seven months in country. In September 2006, he deployed yet again to  Iraq, this time Jared served as a Vehicle Commander on a LAV and  functioned as the lead vehicle for his platoon, company and battalion. During his  seven month deployment, Jared conducted more than 300 combat patrols,  20 cordon and searches, and 100 snap vehicle checkpoints, resulting in  the discovery of 3 major weapons caches and the detention of 20  insurgents. 

Upon being discharged  from the marines, Jared faced various challenges with his transition  back into civilian life including anger, anxiety, confusion, and  depression. He was able to grab hold of his issues and face them  head-on. Today, Jared, a veteran keynote speaker, has a successful career with a Fortune 15 company,  is a published author and has earned three college degrees, a bachelor's of marketing,  master's of business administration, and a master's of communication.  Through his book and speaking engagements, his mission is to inspire others, especially veterans to take action and attack life with the heart of a marine. 


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